Musango operates in an area ideal for birding. An estimated 415 different species have been recorded. From still water sandy shores, to open fresh water, as well as marsh, mud flats, riverine, reeds and flood plains, you can be assured to find numerous water birds here. The island itself is a little paradise for other species that like to nest here, such as Paradise Flycatchers, Bearded Scrub-Robins and Eastern Nicators. The mainland concession, in which the game-drives and walks are conducted, provides several bird species with numerous habitats year round, from open grasslands, to Mopane woodlands, rocky cliffs and evergreen riverine forests. So whether you’re an amateur Birder, a wildlife photographer or a Birding Pro, the Musango team, with binos in hand, will welcome you to their birding haven!

Musango ranked first in Zimbabwe and third in Southern Africa in the latest birding census for 2018. The focus was Waders, of which our team recorded twenty-three species in the two-day period between November 3rd and 4th 2018

Make sure to download and print our Bird Checklist below so you are ready to start birding as soon as you arrive!