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Kariba Safari Adventures

Our Kariba safaris are tailored to provide an unrivaled experience. Join our experienced guides on thrilling game drives, safari walks and boat safaris to witness the abundant wildlife that calls Matusadona home. Whether it’s a captivating encounter with elephants on the shoreline or the mesmerizing call of a fish eagle, Musango Safari Camp brings you closer to the untamed beauty of Lake Kariba.

Boating Safaris

Getting out on the water is very much part of the Musango experience.  Discovering the many waterways of the area is such a peaceful and relaxing way of getting close to the many animals and birds that inhabit our beautiful sea of water.

Game Drives

Game drives are conducted across the water on the mainland.  After a short boat trip, one of our guides will drive you through the bushveld in a classic safari vehicle from which  you will discover some of the prolific wildlife surrounding Musango.  Game drives are conducted upon request.


Lake Kariba stands as an angler’s paradise.  The main season is from April to October, when catching is a certainty, although fishing on Kariba is a wonderful experience at any time.  The famous fighting ‘tiger fish’ is found in abundance in the lake, as well as many other species, including the huge vundu, and delicious bream.  We cater for anglers of all experiences: young, old, novice and experienced.  Sitting at the end of a line, with a sun-downer close by, wildlife grazing on the water’s edge and the magnificent African setting over the hills beyond, is a memory that will not hastily fade.

Cultural Tours

A visit to the local village, Musampa, is a must if you want to learn more about the way of life of the people who inhabit the shores of Lake Kariba. The Tonga people are very happy to welcome you to their village and show you around. This is an eye-opening and fascinating experience, in which you will learn how the villagers live a subsistence lifestyle, reliant on the land and the water to survive. It’s a chance to gain profound insights into their rich cultural heritage and the close relationship they maintain with the natural world. Engaging with the Tonga people not only enriches your understanding of their way of life but also fosters a sense of cultural exchange and mutual appreciation.


Matusadona Game Reserve is indeed a specialist birding destination, teeming with a variety of rare and sought-after avian species. Birdwatchers visiting the reserve may be fortunate enough to spot the elusive African skimmer, the vibrant Pel’s fishing owl, the striking racket-tailed roller, the prehistoric-looking saddle-billed stork, the secretive African finfoot, and the magnificent crowned crane. These and many other rare and endemic bird species make Matusadona a haven for bird enthusiasts seeking unique and unforgettable sightings.

Museum & Fossils

Steve’s creation of a small museum on the island is a testament to his passion for the rich natural history of the region. This unique addition to the lodge offers visitors a captivating journey through time, showcasing astonishing discoveries from the Triassic era and providing a deeper understanding of the area’s geological and paleontological heritage. Furthermore, his collaboration with a descendant of Fothergill Island adds a personal and historical dimension to the museum, creating a truly special and educational experience for guests. It is a reflection of Steve’s commitment to both conservation and the celebration of Zimbabwe’s unique geological past.

Sailing Regatta

Once a year, Lake Kariba comes alive with the  sailing regatta. Musango Safari Camp is proud to be a part of this thrilling event, offering a unique and picturesque setting for participants. As one of the lodges affiliated with the regatta, experience the magic of Lake Kariba. Adventure meets the beauty of the lake.

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