The Best of Lake Kariba

Nature Photography Workshop on Lake Kariba
July 4-7, at Musango Safari Camp
With pro wildlife photographers Elyane and Cedric Jacquet
and one of Zimbabwe’s top guide – Steve Edwards


What makes this workshop really extraordinary ?

To start with, the setting : beautiful unspoilt nature; the abundance of wildlife ; the absence of mass tourism. Enjoy the real “bush experience” that is getting increasingly rare. Not to mention the stunning scenery.

The animals evolve in their natural environment, far away from human intervention. You’ll witness intimate scenes of life – sometimes from very, very close, on foot, in a car – or on pontoon boats, which is an ideal, quiet, non-intrusive way for photographers and nature lovers to get stunning observations without vegetation in the way.

The birdlife is also second to none : Musango’s team has held the record for the number of bird species identified within 24 hours – and was the first team to record 200 species in a day. Another token of the natural riches of the area.

You’ll get expert advise from Elyane and Cedric Jacquet, both international professional wildlife photographers with high credentials, while out on safari, and back at the lodge (review of the pictures you’ve taken, analyses of work by top photographers, help with your shooting techniques/ editing/post-processing/…).

During the workshop, they will both be coaching a small group of photographers to quickly improve your technique, notably enhancing your results. For those interested, Cedric will also talk about equipment he developed (floating blinds, customized RC vehicles, …) whereas Elyane can help with your editing, creating exhibitions, book design and publishing, … And Steve Edwards, owner of Musango Lodge and highly knowledgeable professional ranger will contribute to the experience while guiding you in his paradise.