Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards, the owner of Musango, is a truly exceptional and highly experienced guide who has left an indelible mark in the field of guiding. His remarkable expertise has been recognized globally, as he was voted one of the top three guides in Zimbabwe and earned a place among the top ten guides in the world, a testament to his unparalleled knowledge, passion, and commitment to showcasing the natural wonders of Zimbabwe and beyond. With a deep connection to the wilderness and an unwavering dedication to conservation and sustainable tourism, Steve Edwards exemplifies the qualities that make him a celebrated figure in the world of guiding and a valuable advocate for the preservation of our planet’s most precious ecosystems. His leadership and contributions have undoubtedly enriched the experiences of countless travelers and nature enthusiasts.

Family Owned and Run

Wendy Edwards
Wendy Edwards, a pivotal figure at Musango Safari Camp, is responsible for reservations and assists Steve in running and maintaining the camp. Wendy's passion for conservation and hospitality, has contributed significantly to Musango's outstanding reputation. Alongside Steve, and together, they have built Musango Safari Camp into a haven for those seeking the wonders of the area.
Graham Edwards
Graham is Steve and Wendy’s son; born on the 29th of May 1998. Having grown up on the island and shadowing Steve from a very young age, Graham is very knowledgeable and bush savvy, he is passionate about nature, is an avid birder and keen photographer. He studied wildlife nature conservation for four years at Nelson Mandela University in George, western cape, South Africa, and qualified Com Laude. He went onto work at Bubye Valley conservancy, where he did vegetation and wildlife research. He wrote his learner guides licence and qualified in February 2023. With his keen eye and passion for guiding, he has brought great value to our little island paradise, with many accolades pouring in from appreciative guests.
Robyn Edwards
Robyn Edwards, born in 2000 and raised on the island, has a strong connection to Musango Safari Camp. Robyn's educational journey took her to the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, where she studied animal science, and she also pursued bookkeeping in Stellenbosch. Robyn enjoys spending her time out in the bush, particularly when she's fishing. She actively contributes to the family business by assisting with reservations and warmly hosting guests, ensuring that they have memorable experiences in the extraordinary natural setting of Musango Safari Camp.